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Land, Walter G. und Messmer, Konrad (2013): The Innate Immune System: Its Rediscovery before Toll Was Described. In: Hartmann, G. und Wagner, H. (Hrsg.): Innate Immunity: Resistance and Disease-Promoting Principles. Bd. 4. Karger. S. 24-28


In 1994, in a prospective control trial in cyclosporine-treated, kidneytransplant patients, we observed that treatment of a non-specificallograft injury (postischemic reperfusion injury) leads to asignificant reduction in the incidence of both specificalloimmune-mediated allograft rejection and chronic allograft failure. From these convincing clinical data, we concluded in terms of an‘argumentum e contrario’: it is the tissue injury that induces immunity. As from where we stand today in innate immunity research, these earlyclinical observations can be regarded as the discovery of the existence of a human innate immune system activated by tissue injury and precedingadaptive immunity.