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Schumann, Ricarda G. und Haritoglou, Christos (2013): Chromovitrectomy and the Vitreoretinal Interface. In: Ophtalmologica, Nr. 2: S. 3-10


It still remains unclear to which extent the presence and the amount ofretinal debris seen in internal limiting membrane (ILM) specimensharvested during macular surgery for macular holes or epiretinalmembranes are related to the procedure of ILM peeling itself or tomodifications of the surgical technique, such as application of vitaldyes for visualization of the ILM, or to pathological conditions withepiretinal membrane formation at the vitreoretinal interface. Thepresence of cellular fragments on the retinal side of the removed ILMappears to be of multifactorial origin, and additional causes besidesdye application need to be considered. However, morphological studieswith evaluation of vital dyes are still of relevance and provideadditional insights into the ultrastructure of the vitreoretinalinterface and its interaction with adjuvants used during macularsurgery. Chromovitrectomy is an emerging field in vitreoretinal surgery.It is of importance to better understand the tissue-dye interactions,which not only alter the mechanical properties of the tissue beingstained, but may also have an impact on the functional resultpostoperatively.