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Lackner, Christian K.; Moecke, Heinzpeter und Burghofer, Karin (2013): Team Resource Management in Surgery and Endoscopy. In: Viszeralmedizin, Nr. 3: S. 159-164


Background: In the field of acute medicine, the vast majority of riskfuland prognosis-relevant procedures are not performed by individuals butrather by (ad hoc) teams. Method: Findings in scientific papersimpressively show the causes of medical mishaps and severe errors aswell as the lasting effectiveness of training in team resource formats(Team Resource Management, TRM) in order to combat these chains oferrors in acute medicine. Results: The analysis of the literature since2003 and the numerous findings regarding the research of medical errorsshow that more than 70% of the severe and prognosis-relevant mishapsand complications can be assigned to the medical providers themselves.The implementation and continuous advancement of patient safety in thefield of human factors as well as the application of TRM-relatedprinciples requires a sound and widely accepted safety culture as abasis. Conclusions: TRM training measures and non-punitive criticalincident reporting systems effectively contribute to an increasing andmeasurable improvement of the safety culture in acute medicine.