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Fasunla, Ayotunde J.; Harbeck, Nadia; Schmalfeld, Barbara; Berktold, Sabina; Boehner, Christina; Hundt, Walter; Wolf, Petra und Steinbach, Silke (2013): Is Routine Audiometric Evaluation Necessary in Gynaecologic Tumour Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy? In: Breast Care, Nr. 4: S. 276-281


Background: Our objective was to assess the auditory function ofgynaecological tumour patients who had received cytotoxic agents and todetermine their associated risk of ototoxicity. Patients and Methods: 87patients who had undergone chemotherapy for gynaecological malignancieswere investigated. Of these patients, 79% had breast cancer, and 14%ovarian cancer. All of the patients had a subjective assessment of theirhearing function on a visual analogue scale. Audiometric tests wereperformed before and at 9 weeks, 18 weeks and 3 months after completionof chemotherapy. Results: The age of the patients ranged from 32 to 71years (mean age of 53.5 +/- 10.5 years). The average subjective ratingof the patients’ hearing function was 83.0 +/- 17.2 before and 84.8 +/-16.9 3 months after completion of chemotherapy. No significantaudiometric change at either the speech hearing frequency range (0.5-2KHz) or high frequencies was observed in the patients afterchemotherapy. There was also no significant difference in the hearingthreshold of the patients who had received platinum analogue-basedchemotherapy compared to non-platinum analogue-based chemotherapy.Conclusion: Hearing loss is uncommon in patients treated with thetypical gynaecological chemotherapy protocols. Hence, routineaudiometric testing in these patients is not necessary.