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Draenert, Miriam E.; Hickel, Reinhard; Draenert, Yvette (2013): epsilon-Caprolactone in Micro-Chambered Ceramic Beads - A New Carrier for Gentamicin. In: Chemotherapy, No. 4: pp. 239-246


Purpose: The purpose of this preliminary and descriptive study was toevaluate a biodegradable drug delivery system in combination with aninnovative ceramic implant. Methods: The delivery of gentamicin ofstandardized samples was measured in the laboratory usingultra-high-performance liquid chromatography. Biocompatibility andbiodegradation of the materials was investigated in an animal experimentin sheep up to 14 months. As carrier epsilon-caprolactone, 1:1 mixedwith gentamicin, intruded into micro-chambered beta-tricalcium-phosphatebeads (MCB (R)) was studied. Results and Discussion: Gentamicin wasreleased in calculable concentrations during the first 30 days. Therelease from epsilon-caprolactone was higher than that frompolymethylmethacrylate and more predictable. The caprolactone carrierwas reabsorbed by osteoclasts.