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Chaudhuri, Jyoti P. und Walther, Joachim U. (2013): Nuclear Segmentation, Condensation and Bilateral Symmetry in Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes Reflect Genomic Order and Favor Immunologic Function. In: Acta Haematogolocia, Nr. 3: S. 159-168


Segmentation, condensation and bilateral symmetry of the nuclei ofpolymorphonuclear leukocytes seem related to their function.Segmentation of the nuclei into two or more lobes and their condensationfacilitate their passage (diapedesis) through the endothelial layer ofblood vessels to the extravasal space and subsequent locomotion throughthe interstitial compartment of different tissues. Bilateral symmetry ofthese nuclei along with their association to the cytoskeletal fiberscontribute to their efficiency in locomotion by alignment of the axis ofnuclear symmetry to the axis of cellular polarity, which orients towardsthe direction of locomotion in response to cytokines and other stimuli.Observations of the cytogenetic facets of intranuclear order supportthese assumptions.