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Gluz, Oleg; Hofmann, Daniel; Würstlein, Rachel; Liedtke, Cornelia; Nitz, Ulrike und Harbeck, Nadia (2013): Genomic Profiling in Luminal Breast Cancer. In: Breast Care, Nr. 6: S. 414-422


The developments in gene expression analysis have made it possible tosub-classify hormone receptor-positive (luminal) breast cancer indifferent prognostic subgroups. This sub-classification is currentlyused in clinical routine as prognostic signature (e. g. 21-gene OnoctypeDX (R), 70-gene Mammaprint (R)). As yet, the optimal method forsub-classification has not been defined. Moreover, there is no evidencefrom prospective trials. This review explores widely used genomicsignatures in luminal breast cancer, making a critical appraisal ofevidence from retrospective/prospective trials. It is based onsystematic literature search performed using Medline (accessed September2013) and abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting of American Societyof Clinical Oncology and San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.