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Herbeck, Nadia; Thomssen, Christoph; Gnant, Michael (2013): St. Gallen 2013: Brief Preliminary Summary of the Consensus Discussion. In: Breast Care, No. 2: pp. 102-109


The 2013 St. Gallen Consensus Conference on early breast cancer providedmostly evidence-based, globally valid treatment recommendations forbreast cancer care, with a broad spectrum of acceptable clinicalpractice. This report summarizes the results of the 2013 internationalpanel voting procedures with regard to loco-regional and endocrinetreatment, chemotherapy, targeted therapy as well as adjuvantbisphosphonate use. This report is not aimed to replace the official St.Gallen Consensus publication, some recommendations may even be alteredin the final paper, but should serve a preliminary rapid report of thisimportant meeting.