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Smits, P. B. A.; Graaf, L. de; Radon, Katja; Boer, A. G. de; Bos, N. R.; Dijk, F. J. H. van; Verbeek, J. H. A. M. (April 2012): Case-based e-learning to improve the attitude of medical students towards occupational health, a randomised controlled trial. In: Occupational and environmental medicine, Vol. 69, No. 4: pp. 280-283


Undergraduate medical teaching in occupational health (OH) is a challenge in universities around the world. Case-based e-learning with an attractive clinical context could improve the attitude of medical students towards OH. The study question is whether case-based e-learning for medical students is more effective in improving knowledge, satisfaction and a positive attitude towards OH than non-case-based textbook learning.