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Thon, Niklas; Eigenbrod, Sabina; Grasbon-Frodl, Eva M.; Lutz, Jürgen; Kreth, Simone; Popperl, Gabriele; Belka, Claus; Kretzschmar, Hans A.; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Kreth, Friedrich-Wilhelm (April 2011): Predominant influence of MGMT methylation in non-resectable glioblastoma after radiotherapy plus temozolomide. In: Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry, Vol. 82, No. 4: pp. 441-446


Patients with non-resectable glioblastoma generally exhibit a poor prognosis, even after radiotherapy plus concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide (XRT/TMZ→TMZ). Unfortunately, no data are available concerning the predictive value of O(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter methylation for this important subpopulation. For clarification, a prospective study was conducted.