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Köst-Reyes, Eliana; Schneider, Siegfried; John, Wolfhart; Fischer, Richard; Scheer, Hugo and Köst, Hans-Peter (1987): Fast preparative isoelectric focusing of phycocyanin subunits in layers of granulated gels. In: Electrophoresis, Vol. 8, No. 7: pp. 335-336 [PDF, 254kB]


A new method is presented for the fast preparative separation of the light-harvesting photosynthetic pigment C-phycocanin into its and subunits, which is based on isoelectric focusing in layers of granutaled gels containing 7 M urea. The method has been successful in cases where other separation procedures failed. The recovery of the separated chains of the light -sensitive biliprotein amounts to 70 � 10 % when the separation is carried out under light exclusion and in an argon atmosphere. A simple and inexpensive setup for work under an atmosphere of protective gas is described.

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