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Vranova, Iva; Jambor, Roman; Ruzicka, Ales; Hoffmann, Alexander; Herres-Pawlis, Sonja; Dostal, Libor (29. October 2014): Antimony(iii) and bismuth(iii) amides containing pendant N-donor groups - a combined experimental and theoretical study. In: Dalton transactions, Vol. 44, No. 1: pp. 395-400
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N,N- and N,N,N-chelated antimony(iii) and bismuth(iii) chlorides L1-3MCl21-4 for L1: M = Sb (1){,} for L2: M = Sb (2) and for L3: M = Sb (3) and Bi (4){,} containing ligands L1-3 derived from the pyrrole ring (where L1 = C4H3N-2-(CHdouble bond{,} length as m-dashN-2prime or minute{,}6prime or minute-iPr2C6H3){,} L2 = C4H2N-2{,}5-(CH2NMe2)2{,} L3 = C4H2N-2{,}5-(CH2NC4H8)2){,} were prepared by the treatment of lithium precursors with SbCl3 or BiCl3. Molecular structures of 1-4 were described both in solution (NMR spectroscopy) and in the solid state (single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis). Structures of 1-4 were also subjected to a density functional theory study.