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Fu, Ming; Qian, Lihua; Long, Hua; Wang, Kai; Lu, Peixiang; Rakovich, Yury P.; Hetsch, Frederik; Susha, Andrei S.; Rogach, Andrey L. (3. June 2014): Tunable plasmon modes in single silver nanowire optical antennas characterized by far-field microscope polarization spectroscopy. In: Nanoscale, Vol. 6, No. 15: pp. 9192-9197
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Performing far-field microscope polarization spectroscopy and finite element method simulations, we investigated experimentally and theoretically the surface plasmon modes in single Ag nanowire antennas. Our results show that the surface plasmon resonances in the single Ag nanowire antenna can be tuned from the dipole plasmon mode to a higher order plasmon mode, which would result in the emission with different intensities and polarization states, for the semiconductor quantum dots coupled to the nanowire antenna. The fluorescence polarization is changed with different polarized excitation of the 800 nm light beam, while it remains parallel to the Ag nanowire axis at the 400 nm excitation. The 800 nm incident tight interacts nonresonantly with the dipole plasmon mode with the polarized excitation parallel to the Ag nanowire axis, while it excites a higher order plasmon mode with the perpendicular excitation. Under excitation of 400 nm, either the parallel or perpendicular excitation can only result in a dipole plasmon mode. In addition, we demonstrate that the single Ag nanowire antenna can work as an energy concentrator for enhancing the two-photon excited fluorescence of semiconductor quantum dots.