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Schnorr, K., Senftleben, A., Schmid, G., Rudenko, A., Kurka, M., Meyer, K., Foucar, L., Kübel, Matthias, Kling, Matthias F., Jiang, Y. H., Duesterer, S., Treusch, R., Schroeter, C. D., Ullrich, J., Pfeifer, T. and Moshammer, R. (14. April 2014): Multiple ionization and fragmentation dynamics of molecular iodine studied in IR-XUV pump-probe experiments. In: Faraday Discussions, Vol. 171: pp. 41-56 [PDF, 3MB]

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The ionization and fragmentation dynamics of iodine molecules (I-2) are traced using very intense (similar to 10(14) W cm(-2)) ultra-short (similar to 60 fs) light pulses with 87 eV photons of the Free-electron LASer at Hamburg (FLASH) in combination with a synchronized femtosecond optical laser. Within a pump-probe scheme the IR pulse initiates a molecular fragmentation and then, after an adjustable time delay, the system is exposed to an intense FEL pulse. This way we follow the creation of highly-charged molecular fragments as a function of time, and probe the dynamics of multi-photon absorption during the transition from a molecule to individual atoms.

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