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Bush, Andrew; Anthony, Gisela; Barbato, Angelo; Cunningham, Steve; Clement, Annick; Epaud, R.; Gilbert, Carlee; Goldbeck, Lutz; Kronfeld, Kai; Nicholson, Andrew G.; Schwerk, Nicolaus; Griese, Matthias; Collaborators, Ch-ILD (October 2013): Research in progress: put the orphanage out of business. In: Thorax, Vol. 68, No. 10: pp. 971-973


Paediatric interstitial lung disease (ILD) is rare and diverse, meaning no single centre will see sufficient children to perform the studies needed to make progress. This EU FP-7 grant will standardise the evaluation of these rare conditions by establishing pan-European multidisciplinary expert panels and establish consensus on treatment protocols and standard operating procedures across Europe. We will work with patient groups to determine optimal treatment end-points and biomarkers. A biobank will be established as a Europe-wide resource for mechanistic studies. Ultimately we aim to do the first randomised controlled trial of a pharmacological treatment in paediatric ILD.