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Hau, Hans Michael; Fellmer, Peter; Schoenberg, Markus B.; Schmelzle, Moritz; Morgul, Mehmet Haluk; Krenzien, Felix; Wiltberger, Georg; Hoffmeister, Albrecht; Jonas, Sven (2014): The collateral caval shunt as an alternative to classical shunt procedures in patients with recurrent duodenal varices and extrahepatic portal vein thrombosis. In: European Journal of Medical Research 19:36


Upper gastrointestinal bleeding episodes from variceal structures are severe complications in patients with portal hypertension. Endoscopic sclerotherapy and variceal ligation are the treatment options preferred for upper variceal bleeding owing to extrahepatic portal hypertension due to portal vein thrombosis (PVT). Recurrent duodenal variceal bleeding in non-cirrhotic patients with diffuse porto-splenic vein thrombosis and subsequent portal cavernous transformation represent a clinical challenge if classic shunt surgery is not possible or suitable. In this study, we represent a case of recurrent bleeding of duodenal varices in a non-cirrhotic patient with cavernous transformation of the portal vein that was successfully treated with a collateral caval shunt operation.