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Pastore, Friederike; Kling, Daniela; Hoster, Eva; Dufour, Annika; Konstandin, Nikola P.; Schneider, Stephanie; Sauerland, Maria C.; Berdel, Wolfgang E.; Buechner, Thomas; Woermann, Bernhard; Braess, Jan; Hiddemann, Wolfgang and Spiekermann, Karsten (2014): Long-term follow-up of cytogenetically normal CEBPA-mutated AML. In: Journal of Hematology & Oncology 7:55 [PDF, 851kB]


Background: The aim of this study was to analyze the long-term survival of AML patients with CEBPA mutations. Patients and methods: We investigated 88 AML patients with a median age of 61 years and (1) cytogenetically normal AML (CN-AML), (2) monoallelic (moCEBPA) or biallelic (biCEBPA) CEBPA mutation, and (3) intensive induction treatment. 60/88 patients have been described previously with a shorter follow-up. Results: Median follow-up time was 9.8 years (95% CI: 9.4-10.1 years) compared to 3.2 and 5.2 years in our former analyses. Patients with biCEBPA mutations survived significantly longer compared to those with moCEBPA (median overall survival (OS) 9.6 years vs. 1.7 years, p = 0.008). Patients <= 60 years and biCEBPA mutations showed a favorable prognosis with a 10-year OS rate of 81%. Both, bi- and moCEBPA-mutated groups had a low early death (d60) rate of 7% and 9%, respectively. Complete remission (CR) rates for biCEBPA and moCEBPA mutated patients were 82% vs. 70% (p = 0.17). biCEBPA mutated patients showed a longer relapse free survival (RFS) (median RFS 9.4 years vs. 1.5 years, p = 0.021) and a lower cumulative incidence of relapse (CIR) compared to moCEBPA-mutated patients. These differences in OS and RFS were confirmed after adjustment for known clinical and molecular prognostic factors. Conclusions: In this long-term observation we confirmed the favorable prognostic outcome of patients with biCEBPA mutations compared to moCEBPA-mutated CN-AML. The high probability of OS (81%) in younger patients is helpful to guide intensity of postremission therapy.

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