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Kammerer, Tobias; Beiras-Fernandez, Andres; Rehm, Markus; Stangl, Manfred; Guba, Markus; Kupatt-Jeremias, Christian und Weis, Florian: Use of drug-eluting balloon coronary intervention prior to living donor kidney transplantation. In: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2014, 14:112


Background: Kidney transplantation is the gold standard of therapy in patients with terminal renal insufficiency. Living donor transplantation is a well-established option in this field. Enlarging the donor's pool implicates the acceptance of an increased rate of comorbidities. Among them, coronary artery disease is a growing problem. An increasing number of patients, undergoing living donation, receive antiplatelet therapies due to coronary disease. Case presentation: Here we report about the perioperative treatment with a drug-eluting balloon in a patient with major cardiac risk factors who underwent kidney transplantation. Conclusion: At the current time no recommendation can be given for the routine use of drug-eluting balloons.