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Roehnisch, Tim; Then, Cornelia; Nagel, Wolfgang; Blumenthal, Christina; Braciak, Todd; Donzeau, Mariel; Bohm, Thomas; Bourquin, Carole und Oduncu, Fuat: Chemically linked phage idiotype vaccination in the murine B cell lymphoma 1 model. In: Journal of Translational Medicine 2013, 11:267


Background: B cell malignancies are characterized by clonal expansion of B cells expressing tumor-specific idiotypes on their surface. These idiotypes are ideal target antigens for an individualized immunotherapy. However, previous idiotype vaccines mostly lacked efficiency due to a low immunogenicity of the idiotype. The objective of the present study was the determination of the feasibility, safety and immunogenicity of a novel chemically linked phage idiotype vaccine. Methods: In the murine B cell lymphoma 1 model, tumor idiotypes were chemically linked to phage particles used as immunological carriers. For comparison, the idiotype was genetically expressed on the major phage coat protein g8 or linked to keyhole limpet hemocynanin. After intradermal immunizations with idiotype vaccines, tolerability and humoral immune responses were assessed. Results: Feasibility and tolerability of the chemically linked phage idiotype vaccine was demonstrated. Vaccination with B cell lymphoma 1 idiotype expressing phage resulted in a significant survival benefit in the murine B cell lymphoma 1 protection model (60.2 +/- 23.8 days vs. 41.8 +/- 1.6 days and 39.8 +/- 3.8 days after vaccination with wild type phage or phosphate buffered saline, respectively). Superior immunogenicity of the chemically linked phage idiotype vaccine compared to the genetically engineered phage idiotype and keyhole limpet hemocynanin-coupled idiotype vaccine was demonstrated by significantly higher B cell lymphoma 1 idiotype-specific IgG levels after vaccination with chemically linked phage idiotype. Conclusion: We present a novel, simple, time-and cost-efficient phage idiotype vaccination strategy, which represents a safe and feasible therapy and may produce a superior immune response compared to previously employed idiotype vaccination strategies.