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Viniol, Annika; Jegan, Nikita; Hirsch, Oliver; Leonhardt, Corinna; Brugger, Markus; Strauch, Konstantin; Barth, Juergen; Baum, Erika und Becker, Annette: Chronic low back pain patient groups in primary care - A cross sectional cluster analysis. In: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2013, 14:294


Background: Due to the heterogeneous nature of chronic low back pain (CLBP), it is necessary to identify patient groups and evaluate treatments within these groups. We aimed to identify groups of patients with CLBP in the primary care setting. Methods: We performed a k-means cluster analysis on a large data set (n = 634) of primary care patients with CLBP. Variables of sociodemographic data, pain characteristics, psychological status (i.e., depression, anxiety, somatization), and the patient resources of resilience and coping strategies were included. Results: We found three clusters that can be characterized as ``pensioners with age-associated pain caused by degenerative diseases{''