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Iza, Diana C.; Munoz-Rojas, David; Musselman, Kevin P.; Weickert, Jonas; Jakowetz, Andreas C.; Sun, Haiyan; Ren, Xin; Hoye, Robert L. Z.; Lee, Joon H.; Wang, Haiyan; Schmidt-Mende, Lukas; MacManus-Driscoll, Judith L. (2013): Nanostructured conformal hybrid solar cells: a promising architecture towards complete charge collection and light absorption. In: Nanoscale Research Letters, Vol. 8, 359


We introduce hybrid solar cells with an architecture consisting of an electrodeposited ZnO nanorod array (NRA) coated with a conformal thin layer (< 50 nm) of organic polymer-fullerene blend and a quasi-conformal Ag top contact (Thin/NR). We have compared the performance of Thin/NR cells to conventional hybrid cells in which the same NRAs are completely filled with organic blend (Thick/NR). The Thin/NR design absorbs at least as much light as Thick/NR cells, while charge extraction is significantly enhanced due to the proximity of the electrodes, resulting in a higher current density per unit volume of blend and improved power conversion efficiency. The NRAs need not be periodic or aligned and hence can be made very simply.