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Siebzehnrübl, S.; Fischer, R.; Kufer, Werner and Scheer, Hugo (1989): PHOTOCHEMISTRY OF PHYCOBILIPROTEINS. RECIPROCITY OF REVERSIBLE PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND AGGREGATION IN PHYCOERYTHROCYANIN FROM Mastigocladus laminosus. In: Photochemistry and Photobiology, Vol. 49, No. 6: pp. 753-761 [PDF, 843kB]


Native PEC from the cyanobacterium, Mastigocladus laminosus, and its isolated α-subunit show photoreversibly photochromic reactions with difference-maxima around 502 and 570 nm in the spectral region of the α-84 phycoviolobilin chromophore. (b) Native PEC and its β-subunit show little if any reversible photochemistry in the 600–620 nm region, where the phycocyanobilin chromophores on the β-subunit absorb maximally, (c) Reversible photochemistry is retained in ureadenatured PEC at pH = 7.0 or pH ≤ 3. The difference maxima are shifted to 510 and 600 nm, and the amplitudes are decreased. An irreversible absorbance increase occurs around 670 nm (pH ≤ 3). (d) The amplitude of the reversible photoreaction difference spectrum is maximum in the presence of 4–5 M urea or 1 M KSCN, conditions known to dissociate phycobiliprotein aggregates into monomers. At the same time, the phycocyanobilin chromophore(s) are bleached irreversibly, (e) The amplitude becomes very small in high aggregates, e.g. in phycobilisomes. (f) In a reciprocal manner, the phototransformation of native PEC leads to a reversible shift of its aggregation equilibrium between trimer and monomer. The latter is favored by orange, the former by green light, (g) It is concluded that the phycoviolobilin chromophore of PEC is responsible for reversible photochemistry in PEC, and that there is not only an influence of aggregation state on photochemistry, but also vice versa an effect of the status of the chromophore on aggregation state. This could constitute a primary signal in the putative function as sensory pigment, either directly, or indirectly via the release of other polypeptides, via photodynamic effects, or the like.

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