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Eckert, Franziska; Matuschek, Christiane; Mueller, Arndt-Christian; Weinmann, Martin; Hartmann, Joerg T.; Belka, Claus und Budach, Wilfried: Definitive radiotherapy and Single-Agent radiosensitizing Ifosfamide in Patients with localized, irresectable Soft Tissue Sarcoma: A retrospective analysis. In: Radiation Oncology 2010, 5:55


Background and Purpose: Standard therapy for soft-tissue sarcomas remains complete resection. For primary radiotherapy local control rates of 30-45% have been reported. We analyzed retrospectively 11 cases of radiochemotherapy with single-agent ifosfamide in patients with macroscopic soft-tissue sarcomas. Patients and Methods: The patients were treated in irresectable high risk situations. Radiation therapy was performed with median 60 Gy. During the first and fifth week the concomitant chemotherapy with ifosfamide was added. Two patients received trimodal therapy with additional regional hyperthermia. Results: The therapy was completed in 73% of the patients. Average local control time was 91 months, median disease-free-survival/overall-survival was 8/26 months. Five-year rates for local control/disease free survival/overall survival were 70%/34%/34%. The limited prognosis is mainly caused by systemic treatment failure. Conclusions: The data strongly suggest a better outcome of radiochemotherapy with ifosfamide compared to radiotherapy alone and radiotherapy in combination with other radiosensitizers.