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Feist, Alessandro, Friedrich, Joseph, Gottschalk, Lothar and Scheer, Hugo (1992): Energy transfer in the core pigments of phycobilisomes from Mastigocladus laminosus as studied by temperature-dependent hole burning. In: Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 96, No. 14: pp. 6087-6089 [PDF, 420kB]


Persistent optical hole burning has been performed in the allophycocyanin band of phycobilisomes of Mastigocladus laminosus. The homogeneous transition line width has been obtained by a careful analysis of the hole-burning data. The dependence of the line width on temperature has been measured in the range 1.5-4.2 K. A lifetime-limited value of 1.08 A 0.21 GHz is obtained as a result of linear back extrapolation to T = 0 K. It corresponds to an energy transfer time of 147 f IS ps from allophycocyanin to the terminal emitters of the phycobilisome core.

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