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Leupold, D.; Voigt, B.; Pfeiffer, M.; Bandilla, M. and Scheer, Hugo (1993): NONLINEAR POLARIZATION SPECTROSCOPY (FREQUENCY DOMAIN) STUDIES OF EXCITED STATE PROCESSES: THE B800–850ANTENNA OF RHODOBACTER SPHAEROIDES. In: Photochemistry and Photobiology, Vol. 57, No. 1: pp. 24-28 [PDF, 454kB]


Nonlinear polarization spectroscopy in the frequency domain allows rate constant determinations of fast electronic energy and phase relaxations together with characterization of the type of line broadening. Application of this method to the B850 component of the isolated B800–850antenna ofRhodobacter sphaeroides at room temperature shows that B850 is inhomogeneously broadened, with homogeneous widths between 30 and 200 cm−1, depending on the spectral position of the subforms. The corresponding phase relaxation times are clearly in the subpicosecond range. There is also indication of an up-to-now unspecified1–5 ps energy relaxation channel per subunit.

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