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Sharkov, A. V.; Kryukov, I. V.; Khoroshilov, E. V.; Kryukov, P. G.; Fischer, R.; Scheer, Hugo and Gillbro, T. (1992): Femtosecond energy transfer between chromophores in allophycocyanin trimers. In: Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 191, No. 6: pp. 633-638 [PDF, 414kB]


Ultrafast energy-transfer processes in allophycocyanin (APC) trimers from Mastigocladus laminosus have been examined by a femtosecond absorption technique. Isotropic absorption recovery kinetics with τ=440±30 fs were observed in APC trimers at 615 nm. In APC monomers such a fast process was not observed. The anisotropy in both samples was constant and close to 0.4 during the first few picoseconds. The results are consistent with a model of the APC trimer in which the two APC chromophores have different absorption spectra with maxima about 600 and 650 nm. The transfer of energy from the 600 nm chromophore to the 650 nm chromophore occurs in 440 fs and is dominated by the Förster dipole—dipole energy-transfer mechanism.

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