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Sylvester, Francisco A.; Gordon, Catherine M.; Thayu, Meena; Burnham, Jon M.; Denson, Lee A.; Essers, Jonah; Ferrari, Serge; Gupta, Neera; Hewison, Martin; Koletzko, Sibylle; McCabe, Laura; Pappa, Helen; Sanderson, Ian; Ward, Leanne und Zanotti, Stefano (Dezember 2013): Report of the CCFA Pediatric Bone, Growth and Muscle Health Workshop, New York City, November 11-12, 2011, With Updates. In: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Vol. 19, Nr. 13: S. 2919-2926


Growth retardation, delayed puberty, decreased bone mass, altered bone architecture, hypovitaminosis D and skeletal muscle mass deficits are common in children with inflammatory bowel diseases. The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America sponsored a multidisciplinary workshop on the subject of Bone and Skeletal Growth in Pediatric IBD, held in New York City in November 2011. The topic of the workshop was a key recommendation of the Foundation's Pediatric Challenges meeting in 2005. The Litwin Foundation provided a generous grant to support this crucial research and workshop through the CCFA. The workshop featured 15 presentations by researchers from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom and a number of posters elucidating diverse aspects of the problem of growth retardation and compromised bone health in pediatric Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. The workshop comprised original, basic, and clinical research and relevant reviews of underlying genetics, molecular biology, endocrinology, immunology, and bone physiology research. Investigators funded by CCFA and the Litwin Family Foundation are marked by an asterisk after their name in the text. Workshop presentations fell under 3 broad categories: Mechanisms of Suppression and Growth of Bone Cell Function by Inflammation, Impact of IBD on Growth and Bone Health, and Approaches to Address Growth Failure and Low Bone Mass in Children with IBD, summarized herein. We have cited the publications that resulted from this granting mechanism in the appropriate section and references for pertinent updates on each topic.