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Wängler, Carmen; Kostikov, Alexey; Zhu, Jun; Chin, Joshua; Wängler, Björn und Schirrmacher, Ralf (Juni 2012): Silicon-[18F]Fluorine Radiochemistry: Basics, Applications and Challenges. In: Applied Sciences, Vol. 2, Nr. 2: S. 277-302


Silicon-[18F]Fluorine (Si-18F) radiochemistry has recently emerged alongside other unconventional approaches such as aluminum-F-18 and boron-F-18 based labeling strategies, reshaping the landscape of modern F-18-radiochemistry. All these novel methodologies are driven by the demand for more convenient F-18-labeling procedures to further disseminate one of the most sophisticated imaging technologies, Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The PET methodology requires special radionuclides such as F-18 (one of the most prominent examples) to be introduced into bioactive molecules. Si-F-18 radiochemistry contributed greatly towards the development of new radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging. Herein, we describe the radiochemical basics of Si-F-18 bond formation, the application of Si-F-18 tracers for PET imaging, and additionally, the inherent chemical intricacies of this methodology.