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Pastore, Friederike; Schneider, Stephanie; Christ, Oliver; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Spiekermann, Karsten (2013): Impressive thrombocytosis evolving in a patient with a BCR-ABL positive CML in major molecular response during dasatinib treatment unmasks an additional JAK2V617F. In: Experimental Hematology & Oncology 2:24
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We present a case of a 42-year old female with the rare diagnosis of a myeloproliferative syndrome harboring both a BCR-ABL transclocation and a JAK2V617F mutation.Initially diagnosed with a CML, the patient underwent treatment with imatinib followed by dasatinib. Despite a major molecular response, the patient developed a thrombocytosis. Molecular analyses revealed a heterozygous JAK2V617F mutation, which was detected retrospectively in the bone marrow at the time of CML diagnosis.This case underlines the complexity of MPS pathogenesis. For the clinician, a JAK2 mutational screening should be performed in CML patients without hematological response in the absence of BCR-ABL.