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Cata, Oscar (2014): Lurking pseudovectors below the TeV scale. In: European Physical Journal C, Vol. 74, Nr. 8


If electroweak symmetry breaking is driven by a new strongly coupled dynamical sector, one expects the bound states to appear at the TeV scale or slightly below. However, electroweak precision data imposes severe constraints on most of the existing models, putting them under strain. Conventional models require the newcomposite states to come in pairs of rather heavy, close to degenerate spin-1 resonances. In this paper I argue that spin-1 states can actually be lighter without clashing with experimental bounds. As an example, I consider a composite model with a light pseudovector resonance that couples to the Standard Model gauge boson, fermion, and scalar fields. I show how such a resonance leaves basically no imprint on the NLO corrections to the Standard Model. This happens not through parameter tuning, but rather as a consequence of generic properties of realistic UV completions. This pseudovector is mostly unconstrained by existing data and could be as light as 600 GeV. In the last part of the paper I briefly discuss its most characteristic signatures for direct detection at colliders.