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Betz, Andre; Blumenhagen, Ralph; Lüst, Dieter und Rennecke, Felix (2014): A note on the CFT origin of the strong constraint of DFT. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, Nr. 5, 44


In double field theory, motivated by its field theoretic consistency, the level matching condition is generalized to the so-called strong constraint. In this note, it is investigated what the two-dimensional conformal field theory origin of this constraint is. Initially treating the left- and right-movers as independent, we compute the torus partition function as well as a generalized Virasoro-Shapiro amplitude. In non-compact directions the strong constraint arises from the factorization of the Virasoro-Shapiro amplitude over physical states as determined by the modular invariant partition function. From the same argument, along internal toroidal directions, no analogous constraint arises.