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Hassler, Falk und Lust, Dieter (2014): Consistent compactification of double field theory on non-geometric flux backgrounds. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, Nr. 5, 85


In this paper, we construct non-trivial solutions to the 2D-dimensional field equations of Double Field Theory (DFT) by using a consistent Scherk-Schwarz ansatz. The ansatz identifies 2(D - d) internal directions with a twist U-N(M) which is directly connected to the covariant fluxes F-ABC. It exhibits 2(D - d) linear independent generalized Killing vectors K-I (J) and gives rise to a gauged supergravity in d dimensions. We analyze the covariant fluxes and the corresponding gauged supergravity with a Minkowski vacuum. We calculate fluctuations around such vacua and show how they gives rise to massive scalars field and vectors field with a non-abelian gauge algebra. Because DFT is a background independent theory, these fields should directly correspond the string excitations in the corresponding background. For (D − d) = 3 we perform a complete scan of all allowed covariant fluxes and find two different kinds of backgrounds: the single and the double elliptic case. The later is not T-dual to a geometric background and cannot be transformed to a geometric setting by a field redefinition either. While this background fulfills the strong constraint, it is still consistent with the Killing vectors depending on the coordinates and the winding coordinates, thereby giving a non-geometric patching. This background can therefore not be described in Supergravity or Generalized Geometry.