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Abbott, Michael C.; Murugan, Jeff; Prinsloo, Andrea; Rughoonauth, Nitin (2014): Meromorphic functions and the topology of giant gravitons. In: Physics Letters B, Vol. 730: pp. 215-220


Using Mikhailov's map from holomorphic functions to supersymmetric D3-brane solutions, we show how to construct giant gravitons in AdS(5) x S-5 with toroidal topologies. In the 1/4-BPS sector we show that these are always of the form #(K) (s(2) x S-1) and in the limit in which this becomes a set of m + n perpendicular spherical giants re-connected near to their intersections, we find K in terms of m, n. In the 1/8-BPS sector we find a similar class of solutions. (C) 2014 The Authors.