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Bhasin, K. K.; Singh, Neelam; Doomra, Shivani; Arora, Ekta; Ram, Ganga; Singh, Sukhjinder; Nagpal, Yogesh; Mehta, S. K.; Klapötke, Thomas M. (2007): Regioselective synthesis of bis(2-halo-3-pyridyl) dichalcogenides (E = S, Se and Te): Directed ortho-lithiation of 2-halopyridines. In: Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, Vol. 2007, 69263


A novel method for the preparation of hitherto unknown symmetrical bis(2-halo-3-pyridyl) dichalcogenides ( E = S, Se and Te) by the oxidation of intermediate 2-halo-3-pyridyl chalcogenolate, prepared by lithiation of 2-halo pyridines using lithium diisopropylamine is being reported. All the newly synthesized compounds have been characterized through elemental analysis employing various spectroscopic techniques, namely, NMR ((1)H, (13)C, (77)Se), infrared, mass spectrometry, and X-ray crystal structures in representative cases.