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Limantara, Leenawaty; Koyama, Yasushi; Katheder, Ingrid and Scheer, Hugo (1994): Transient Raman spectroscopy of 15N-substituted bacteriochlorophyll a. An empirical assignment of T1 Raman lines. In: Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 227, No. 6: pp. 617-622 [PDF, 496kB]


15N-substituted bacteriochlorophyll a (BChl a) was extracted from the cells of Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1 grown in a medium containing 15N-ammonium sulfate and yeast concentrate. The T1 Raman spectra of 14N-and 15N-BChl a were obtained as the difference spectra of high-power minus low-power of one-color, pump-and-probe measurements using 420 nm, 5 ns pulses. A set of empirical assignments of the T1 Raman lines was made, based on shifts upon 14N→15N substitution. The S0 Raman spectra of the two BChls were also obtained by using the 457.9 nm cw beam, and a set of assignments of the S0 Raman lines was given for comparison.

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