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Radner, Karen (2010): Gatekeepers and lock masters. The control of access in the Neo-Assyrian palaces. In: Baker, Heather D.; Robson, Eleanor; Zolyomi, Gabor (eds.) : Your Praise is Sweet: a memorial volume for Jeremy Black from students, colleagues and friends. London, UK: British Institute for the Study of Iraq. pp. 269-280


This volume is intended as a tribute to the memory of the Sumerologist Jeremy Black, who died in 2004. The Sumerian phrase, "Your praise is sweet" is commonly addressed to a deity at the close of a work of Sumerian literature. The scope of the thirty contributions, from Sumerology to the nineteenth-century rediscovery of Mesopotamia, is testament to Jeremy's own wide-ranging interests and to his ability to forge scholarly connections and friendships among all who shared his interest in ancient Iraq.