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Prigarin, S. M.; Bazarov, K. B.; Kerscher, M. and Oppel, U. G. (March 2013): Numerical study of rainbows and glories in water-drop clouds. In: Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 28, No. 3: pp. 245-266 [PDF, 262kB]


In this paper we study scattering phase functions in water-drop clouds for various distributions of droplet size and various conditions of glory, rainbow and corona formation, and discuss the hypothesis proposed by A. N. Nevzorov that a considerable amount of water in cold clouds can exist in a specific phase state with the refractive index ≈ 1.8 (so called A-water). Polarization and angular distributions are studied by the Monte Carlo method for radiation reflected by cloud layers with drops of water or hypothetical A-water taking into account multiple scattering. Computational results make it possible to develop procedures for analysis of microphysical structure of clouds and confirmation or disproof of the existence of A-water.

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