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Volz, Armin; Weiss, Elisabeth H.; Trowsdale, John and Ziegler, Andreas (1994): Presence of an expressed 13-tubulin gene (TUBB) in the HLA class I region may provide the genetic basis for HLA-linked microtubule dysfunction. In: Human Genetics, Vol. 93: pp. 42-46 [PDF, 757kB]


An expressed beta-tubulin gene (TUBB) has previously been localized to chromosome region 6pter-p21 in man. By using a panel of deletion mutant cell lines and radiation-reduced hybrids containing fragments of chromosome 6, the TUBB locus could be mapped to the HLA class I region at 6p21.3. A long range restriction map including TUBB and several HLA class I genes was then generated by rotating field gel electrophoresis. The results show that TUBB maps to a segment 170-370 kb telomeric of HLA-C. This location suggests that a mutation at the TUBB locus could be the cause for certain forms of HLAlinked microtubule dysfunction, including immotile cilia syndrome.

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