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Müller, C. A., Engler-Blum, G., Gekeler, V., Steiert, I., Weiss, Elisabeth H. and Schmidt, H. (1989): Genetic and serological heterogeneity of the supertypic HLA-B locus specificities Bw4 and Bw6. In: Immunogenetics, Vol. 30: pp. 200-207 [PDF, 807kB]


Gene cloning and sequencing of the HLA-B locus split antigens B38 (B16.1) and B39 (B16.2) allowed localization of their subtypic as well as their public specificities HLA-Bw4 or -Bw6 to the c~-helical region of the c~ 1 domain flanked by the amino acid positions 74-83. Comparison of their amino acid sequences with those of other HLA-B-locus alleles established HLA-Bw6 to be distinguished by Ser at residue 77 and Asn at residue 80. In contrast, HLA-Bw4 is characterized by at least seven different patterns of amino acid exchanges at positions 77 and 80-83. Reactivity patterns of Bw4- or Bw6-specific monoclonal antibodies reveal two alloantigenic epitopes contributing to the HLA-Bw4 or -Bw6 specificity residing next to the region of highest diversity of the cr domain.

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