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Mellor, Andrew L.; Weiss, Elisabeth H.; Kress, Michael; Jay, Gilbert; Flavell, Richard A. (1984): A Nonpolymorphic Class I Gene in the Murine Major Histocompatibility Complex. In: Cell, Vol. 36: pp. 139-144


DNA sequence analysis of a class I gene (QlO), which maps to the Qa2,3 locus in the C57BL/lO (H- 2b haplotype) mouse, reveals that it is almost identical to a cDNA clone (pH16) isolated from a SWR/J (H-2q haplotype) mouse liver cDNA library. Exon 5, in particular, has an unusual structure such that a polypeptide product is unlikely to be anchored in the cell membrane. Our findings suggest that the two sequences are derived from allelic class I genes, which are nonpolymorphic, in contrast to H-2K allelic sequences from the same mice, and they may encode liver-specific polypeptides of unknown function. Our previous studies indicate that the QlO gene is a potential donor gene for the generation of mutations at the H-2K locus by inter-gene transfer of genetic information. Thus the lack of polymorphism in class I genes at the QlO locus implies either that they are not recipients for such exchanges or that selective pressure prevents the accumulation of mutations in genes at this locus.