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Polland, Hans-Joachim; Franz, M. A.; Zinth, Wolfgang; Kaiser, Wolfgang and Hegemann, P. (19. February 1984): Generation of frequency shifted picosecond pulses with low temporal jitter. In: Optics Communications, No. 50: pp. 194-198 [PDF, 339kB]


Transient stimulated Raman scattering is used for the generation of a frequency shifted picosecond light pulse; part of this Raman shifted pulse is subsequently coherently scattered at a material excitation of a second Raman cell. Starting with the second harmonic pulse (tp = 4 ps) of a mode-locked Nd : glass laser system, both the stimulated and the coherently produced pulses have durations of 2.3 ps at different wavelengths. By the appropriate choice of the Raman medium pulses between 13 000 and 21 000 cm-1 can be generated. The coherent generation process minimizes the temporal jitter between the two pulses and allows to obtain a high time resolution of better than 0.3 ps in excite and probe experiments.

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