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Zinth, Wolfgang; Knapp, E. W.; Fischer, S. F.; Kaiser, Wolfgang; Deisenhofer, J. and Michel, H. (23. August 1985): Correlation of structural and spectroscopic properties of a photosynthetic reaction center. In: Chemical Physics Letters, No. 119: pp. 1-4 [PDF, 347kB]


Polarized spectra of absorption and light-induced absorbance changes are presented for the crystallized reaction centers of Rhodopseudomonas viridis. We find that a model based on extended dipole interaction between all six pigments is capable of interpreting detailed features such as the contributions from the individual pigments to the various absorption peaks. Even though the pigments are arranged in approximate C2 symmetry, the optical spectra together with the calculations reflect deviations from this symmetry, which may be important in understanding the electron pathway.

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