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Morgan, R. L.; Thayer, K. A.; Bero, L.; Bruce, Nigel G.; Falck-Ytter, Y.; Ghersi, D.; Guyatt, G.; Hooijmans, C.; Langendam, M.; Mandrioli, D.; Mustafa, R. A.; Rehfuess, Eva Annette; Rooney, A. A.; Shea, B.; Silbergeld, E. K.; Sutton, P.; Wolfe, M. S.; Woodruff, T. J.; Verbeek, J. H.; Holloway, A. C.; Santesso, N. and Schünemann, H. J. (2016): GRADE: Assessing the quality of evidence in environmental and occupational health. In: Environment International, Vol. 92-93, No. July-August: pp. 611-616

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