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Wilson, C. S.; Davidson, G. S.; Martin, S. B.; Andries, E.; Potter, J.; Harvey, R.; Ar, K.; Xu, Y.; Kopecky, K. J.; Ankerst, Donna Pauler; Gundacker, H.; Slovak, M. L.; Mosquera-Caro, M.; Chen, I. M.; Stirewalt, D. L.; Murphy, M.; Schultz, F. A.; Kang, H.; Wang, X.; Radich, J. P.; Appelbaum, F. R.; Atlas, S. R.; Godwin, J. and Willman, C. L. (2006): Gene expression profiling of adult acute myeloid leukemia identifies novel biologic clusters for risk classification and outcome prediction. In: Blood, Vol. 108, No. 2: pp. 685-696

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