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Saußele, Susanne; Lauseker, Michael; Gratwohl, A.; Beelen, D. W.; Bunjes, D.; Schwerdtfeger, R.; Kolb, H. J.; Ho, A. D.; Falge, C.; Holler, E.; Schlimok, G.; Zander, A. R.; Arnold, R.; Kanz, L.; Dengler, R.; Haferlach, C.; Schlegelberger, B.; Pfirrmann, Markus; Müller, M. C.; Schnittger, S.; Leitner, A.; Pletsch, N.; Hochhaus, A.; Hasford, Joerg and Hehlmann, R. (2010): Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo SCT) for chronic myeloid leukemia in the imatinib era: evaluation of its impact within a subgroup of the randomized German CML Study IV. In: Blood, Vol. 115, No. 10: pp. 1880-1885

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