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Dreyling, Martin; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Bea, Silvia; Hartmann, Elena; Salaverria, Itziar; Hutter, Grit; Perez-Galan, P.; Roue, G.; Pott, Christiane; Le Gouill, Steven; Cortelazzo, Sergio; Rule, S.; Hess, G.; Zaja, F.; Vitolo, U.; Szymczyk, Michal; Walewski, J.; Ribrag, Vincent; Unterhalt, Michael; Hermine, Olivier and Hoster, Eva (2011): Update on the molecular pathogenesis and clinical treatment of mantle cell lymphoma: report of the 10th annual conference of the European Mantle Cell Lymphoma Network. In: Leukemia & Lymphoma, Vol. 52, No. 12: pp. 2226-2236

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