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Wullimann, Mario F.; Finck, W. and Senn, D. G. (1984): A hypothalamic channel-system in the inferior lobes of a trigger-fish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus, Balistidae). In: Experientia, Vol. 40, No. 7: pp. 725-727 [PDF, 500kB]


In the course of a general investigation of the optic system in some trigger-fishes, a hypothalamic, ventricular channel-system with pores, leading to the outside of the brain, has been discovered in the inferior lobes ofRhinecanthus aculeatus (Balistidae). A description of the morphological relations of the channel-system to the blood-vessel-supply and the cranium suggests that the organ-systems involved form a functional unit. The possibility of a hormone-producing system is discussed in the light of physiological and ecological aspects.

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