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Albert, U. S., Altland, H., Duda, V. F., Engel, Jutta, Geraedts, M., Heywang-Köbrunner, S. H., Hölzel, Dieter, Kalbheim, E., Koller, M., König, K., Kreienberg, R., Kühn, T., Lebeau, A., Nass-Griegoleit, I., Schlake, W., Schmutzler, R., Schreer, I., Schulte, H., Schulz-Wendtland, R., Wagner, U. and Kopp, I. (2008): 2008 update of the guideline: early detection of breast cancer in Germany. In: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, Vol. 135, No. 3: pp. 339-254

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