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Schmidt, Tobias and David, Charles N. (1986): GLAND CELLS IN HYDRA. CELL CYCLE KINETICS AND DEVELOPMENT. In: Journal of Cell Science, Vol. 85: pp. 197-215 [PDF, 2MB]

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The proliferative capacity of gland cells in Hydra attenuata was investigated. The results indicate that both gland cell proliferation and interstitial cell differentiation to gland cells contribute to the maintenance of the whole population. On the basis of [3H]thymidine incorporation and nuclear DNA measurements, gland cells consist of at least three different populations. One population consists of rapidly proliferating cells with a cell cycle of about 72 h. These cells are distributed throughout the body column. In the lower gastric region there is a population of non-cycling cells in G2 while in the upper gastric region there is a population of noncycling cells in G1. About half the G1 population becomes a new antigen, SEC 1, which is typical of mucus cells.

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