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Herold, Tobias; Jurinovic, Vindi; Metzeler, Klaus H.; Boulesteix, Anne-Laure; Bergmann, M.; Seiler, T.; Mulaw, M.; Thoene, S.; Dufour, A.; Pasalic, Z.; Schmidberger, Markus; Schmidt, M.; Schneider, S.; Kakadia, P. M.; Feuring-Buske, M.; Braess, J.; Spiekermann, Karsten; Mansmann, Ulrich; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Buske, C. and Bohlander, Stefan K. (2011): An eight-gene expression signature for the prediction of survival and time to treatment in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In: Leukemia, Vol. 25, No. 10: pp. 1639-1645

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.

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